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Product Advantage

1. original automatic camera contour cutting, which has applied for patent protection, high efficiency and high precision 
2. optimize the patrolling function, the camera can identify transparent and reflective materials, any color mark point 
3. real USB, free drive, plug and play 
4. built-in WIFI, analog phone setting interface, one button connection route 
5. perfect support U disk offline cutting and batch inspection 
6., image contour recognition technology can automatically generate contour lines by importing pictures, and save time for delineation of contour lines, especially for users who are not familiar with vector software. 
7. multi mark point cutting edge cutting, segmented sweep point cutting, cutting large size pictures, the precision is very high, 5 meters cutting edge cutting error 0.2mm 
8. mobile APP provides the best user experience, the most gorgeous interface 
9. low noise, high speed, high precision, small print without jagged moment 2mm 
10. double head function, open cutting indentation semi cut high efficiency mode


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Factory Address:Longhe Road  ,Dagangling Village ,Zhongluotan Town,Baiyun District ,Guangzhou, China



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