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Oil Drum multifunctional roller sublimation machine XY-HSR-17UB420

Model No.:XY-HSR-17UB420
Printing width:1200MM,1700MM,1900MM,3200MM 

※  Auto-turn off 
※  Auto preheat 
※  Time-saving 
※  Automatic pneumatic compression device 


      (Accept OEM color)

Model No. XY-HSR-17UB420
Machine Type Auto-turn off, Auto preheat & Time-saving
Name Oil Drum mutifunctional roller sublimation machine
Controller Digital controller
Voltage   220V/380V
Power 22kw 27kw 30kw 54kw
Time Range   0-999sec.
Max. Temp.   399°C 
Printing Area 1200mm 1700mm 1900mm 3200mm
Pringting Thickness up to 70mm
Gross Weight 1200kg 1500kg 2000kg 3000kg
Package Size 4500*2100*1500mm 4500*2600*1500mm 4500*2900*1500mm 2000*4100*1500mm

  Can be sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer printedhemp, chemical fiber and other material.Consistent temperature,without any color error even in continuous transfer printing,thus to get a clear printing effect.


01.Double drum 02.Automatic position control unit

03.Air shaft 04.External tank

The machine is packed in wooden package and provide with manual.

① Check that all screws in mainframe are loose or not, tighten if loose
②The whole machine should be set at level with enough capacity; wood frame to overhead the sliding wheel and level direction is preferred.
③Matched load leakage circuit breaker separately on this machine with 3×6×6+1×4×4 international power wire. The crust of machine must be earthing separately.
④Keep the equipment in level while installation. Use two section 160×160×700(length) of bed timber under inner side of two wheel. Use level instrument to check if the machine is level or not.
When the working table is installed, the height must be consistent with feeding blanket and level. The paper feeding (put in) shaft and cloth feeding (put in) shaft must be of the same level with heating tank.

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