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Logo Heat Press Machine XY-032A

Model No.: XY-032A
Printing Size:15*15cm

※Temperature constant
※Automatic baking time control
※Pressure adjustable
※High quality workbench


      (Accept OEM color)

Model No. XY-032A
Machine Type  temperature constant,Automatic baking time control,Pressure adjustable
Name logo sublimation machine
Controller digital panel
Voltage   110V/220V
Power 500W
Time Range   0-999sec.
Max. Temp.   399°C 
Gross Weight 15kg
Package Size 600*440*330mm

Can be sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer printed plate.

Export  standard carton

①Please the material on working table,adjust the pressure knob get right pressure required
②Connect power plug and turn on power
③Set time & temp you want with temp/time gauge get required numbers.
④The temp for heating plate will start to rise up, when it reaching temp you set, please the material on the working tale and close the handle.
⑤The buzzer will sound when reaching time you set, release the handle and take out the material

For logo or small size items

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