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Ellipse metal plates 10"(10/pack)/BY-MP-06
[Описание продукта]

Model No.: BY-MP-06
Material : Metal 
Dimension: 10'' 
Weight: 1.88kg     

※Sample is available 
※OEM available 
※White box packing available

This series sublimatable plate, printed by plate press, flat press or 3D vacuum press, 3D plates are printed by 3D vacuum press with the best effect, ideal for home or office decoration
1.Prepare image with printed by sublimation ink and sublimation paper/heat tranfer paper
2.Stick the image with heat-resitant tape to the plate, make sure the plate press fit to the needed sublimation area of the plate and even heating
3.Adjust the time to 180°C and time 40seconds
4.When reach to 180°C, put down the plate press to begin sublimation/heat transferand
5.Take out the finished sublimation mug, tear off the paper, cool it for some minutes, The printing is finish.
Application Advertising, personalized gift
Material Metal
Time 40S
Tem. About 180°C
Package PP Bag  + Paper Carton
Required Plate heat press, ink-jet printer, heat transfer paper, heat-resitant tape

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